Industrial metal shelving, can be combined with professional drawer units

SYSTEM SR-MASTER metal racks combine the benefits of a shelving unit with the advanced technology and uniqueness of a Master tool storage cabinet to offer innovative, high performance, modular logistics solutions, safe and personalised, with exclusive versions designed for the industrial storage equipment market.

The right combination of the Master cabinet and metal shelving systems allows a sturdy, versatile and modular system to be obtained, designed for the storage of materials.


The intermediate height adjustable shelves, supported by 4 hooks, are available in a slotted version to accommodate separators with a capacity ranging between 250 and 300 kg and in a non-slotted version with a capacity of 100 to 150 kg.

The strengthening shelves, fixed with screws to the sides, are the “supporting columns” of the shelving system and vary in number (2/3) in relation to height. Their capacity is 150 kg.

The lock shelves, which perform the same load-bearing function as the strengthening shelves, are designed to accommodate the lock with cylinder or the numerical code lock and support the vertebrate bar. Their capacity is also 150 kg.

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  • Sliding Doors,they are made of sturdy, specially shaped sheet steel

    Dec 20, 2020
  • Hinged Doors, the 3-point closure ensures high security against break-ins

    Dec 20, 2020
  • The shutters are made of grey plastic material with a steel sheet handle and an integrated cylinder lock.

    Dec 20, 2020