DYNAMIC Workstations examples

The dynamic and ergonomic design of Dynamic workstations lends itself to a variety of work environments, mainly in the mechanical engineering, electronics, assembly and test laboratory industries. Their highly modular nature allows solutions to be designed, implemented and developed in step with the changing needs of the operators over time. Each solution, in terms of size and composition, is the result of a combination between maximised objective operational functionality and a dynamic and modern presentation. Numerous details are specifically aimed at user comfort, like the height-adjustable worktop, that optimises freedom of movement, enhancing performance and productivity. Wide range of accessories suitable for retrofitting.

Everything is clearly visible

The configuration of the Dynamic workstations, especially if equipped with Smart series trolleys, improves visibility and gripping of the materials and equipment stored in the plastic boxes and on the shelves.


Each workstation is completely customisable with the addition of a wide range of accessories and with a new, colourful line of shelves and panels, available in 10 different shades..

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