Van Equpment

Based on our experience and professionalism we can design and install high-quality van fittings for any working requirement.Your vehicle will become a full mobile workshop, fitted with robust shelving units, roof bars, small parts plastic cases, metal dividers, plastic containers and much more.


Our Store Van van flooring and interior lining systems with side panelling provide your vehicle’s bodywork with rugged protection against wear and any accidental damage that the transported goods could cause.Our marine wood floorings are perfect as a walking surface and sturdy base for anchoring the interior equipment.


The aluminium side panelling for vans consists of internal coverings designed and shaped to perfectly cover the side walls of commercial vehicles, and are secured using the holes made in advance by the manufacturer. The traditional panelling elements for vans are replaced by actual tool panels, consisting of an aluminium plate with square perforations.


The bulkhead system is one of the latest products designed by StoreVan to offer its customers increasingly useful and innovative interior coverings. Ideal as a panel for attaching tools and securing ladders and loading ramps.he van bulkhead system designed by StoreVan allows for fully exploiting the area of the load compartment adjacent to the van partition behind the cab

Racking and Shelving

Available in four fittings options, Safety, Professional, Mobile and Floor Up, our Store Van shelving solutions are the perfect way to make the most of your van’s interior cargo space and safely transport your goods and equipment.

Drawer Units for Vans

Our drawer units for vans are made from modular structures in automotive steel. They are pre-assembled based on the height and dimensions provided by the customer. The drawers are easily fitted onto shelving units for vans and can also be provided with the outfit.


The Store Van roof bars, roof rack and ladder rack for vans are designed to use up all the space available on the roof of the vehicle.Thanks to the innovative Space Up roof system, transporting various types of loads or equipment is no longer a problem.